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Becky Holden (Employee since 2015):

I started working at Evergreen Chevrolet when I was 20 year olds, I started as a front desk receptionist, which included answering phones and scheduling service appointments and handling the deposit. I started working here because the job I was at before did not offer me any growth to move up in the company. I worked here for about two months before I moved into the reception office where I gained more responsibilities which included, helping assist service with closing repair orders and contacting customers for services and helping sales with adding vehicles to inventory.

I was doing that for about three months when an accounts payable position was offered to me at the Ford store. This was a big stepping stone for me as it gave me the opportunity to work in the accounting office. I was not in this position long before I started to cross train with the other desks, learning how to do the deposit, process wholesales and know how to process car deals and help with payroll.

Learning bits from every desk ultimately helped me get to the position I am in now, which I am a car biller. Having started as a receptionist and worked my way up to where I am at now helped me to fully understand the business as a whole and how every position impacts the others. Looking back I am happy to have decided to work here. I was given opportunities to gain knowledge and experience with the company which has helped me grow professionally.

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